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57 lat
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Canada, Ontario, Toronto, North York

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nie palę
piję okazyjnie
mam i wystarczy
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polski, angielski
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przyjaźni, poważnego związku
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O mnie

I am seeking a vegetarian partner who is NOT religious.

I'm always up for challenging adventures and have many interests, and realize that there must be common interests in order for a relationship to have a chance. I’m not like most men and some may say I’m a little out and left field and I must say I like it out in left field. I’m a non-conformist and have always been a bit of a rebel…..but not a rebel without a clue.

My paths in life lead me to a higher awareness back in 2006. I'm so grateful to have evolved and grown. This of course was through learning the lessons we encounter in our lives, and I believe I'm a pretty good student; after all I got my PhD in the school of hard knocks, lol. I know my path is to be of service to others and I am now involved in the alternative health field, and am a Biofeedback Specialist, Laser therapist, and am constantly learning more.


I'd like to meet a woman who is on the same spiritual path as me. Knowing what she wants in life and not held back by any patterns or baggage. We all have baggage just need to keep it stored away in the back closet, lol. I'm not trying to suggest "baggage" is bad. I don't think there is a single soul who has not taken on some "baggage" in their lifetime. I believe being aware of it and working through as much of it as you can is important for personal development. That means not carrying it with you ever day so it burdens you. Seeking help to understand it and heal it allows you to move forward in your life and relationships. Having awareness and conscious of what is happening in the world around us. She must be active and adventurous. I work out and practice yoga and keep myself in good shape. I like to stay active and expect my partner to as well. Therefore please be thin or athletic like I am. I don’t expect perfection because I know I’m not perfect. Just as long as we are perfect

Moje Zainteresowania

I love the outdoors, the beach and being in or near water. Rollerblading, Cycling, cooking, paddle boarding and skiing. I also enjoy the theatre, movies, dining, travelling, and going to shows and workshops. I have a curious mind and am willing to try anything once.

I buy organic and fair trade whenever possible. I am part of a food buying club and eat raw foods as often as possible. I recycle and practice mindful spending where I try not to support the big greedy corporations. I do not watch TV since it is just a distraction. I’d rather be a participant in life then watching life go by me. Not really all into the Matrix so I’ll take the red pill please. Be in the Matrix not of the Matrix.

Self-help and spiritual books is what I read. Gregg Braden, Migul Ruiz, Caroline Myss, and more. "The Five Love Languages" was a real eye opener about relationships.

I grew up with rock and roll. I listen to classic rock and new alternative